American Horror Story‘s Finn Wittrock will play gay again in a newly-released Indie film, Locating Silver Lake.

The film centres around Daniel – more commonly known as Josh from Nikelodeon’s Drake & Josh – whom Wittrock attempts to seduce throughout. Wittrock will play a promiscuous, mascara-wearing hot mess, emulating characters he’s played in AHS.

From Instinct:

Upon graduating college, Daniel (Josh Peck), a brokenhearted aspiring writer, without a dime or connections, packs his bags and heads to Los Angeles in the hopes of finding a new beginning. He quickly gets immersed into two very different worlds – one young, provocative and alluring; the other rooted in diversity, community and loyalty – both with their own unique appeals, advantages and dangers. Through his new experiences, he realizes who he is and where he belongs.

The film promises some nudity and a surprise ending: we hope it’s Josh Peck and Wittrock bumming. The film is out now on iTunes.

Check out the trailer below:

Here’s a reminder of Wittrock’s ass… You know, because:

Image result for finn wittrock body

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