Serenity may look like your average alluring Hollywood thriller, with its obviously ominous overtones, but take a closer look and it feels more like 50 Shades of Jaws.

Matthew McConaughey plays brooding John who seemingly keeps to himself, fishing on this relatively small desert island – that’s until his past, in the form of Anne Hatheway’s raincoated silhouette, comes looking for him.

While we can’t deny that the baleful beats have us hooked already (doesn’t take us much, mind), and we’re intrigued to see what goes down. John seems to have an eerily obsessive fascination with the sea, and Karen (Hatheway) is pretty hell-bent on pushing her abusive husband out of the picture.

We’re sure whether you enjoy the movie or not, it’ll be a talking point. One commenter claims the movie “moved me unlike any movie has before”. While another claims:

“Just finished watching the film. They deserve an Oscar. . . . . for making that piece of trash movie look intensely engrossing in this trailer.”

One thing we know for sure, is that Beach Bum isn’t the only movie McConaughey’s stripping for this year.

McConaughey has a number of sex scenes in the intriguing Serenity. In one scene, he takes Anne Hatheway on a small chair on his boat, and if that’s not class, then we don’t want it. And in another, he strips naked in front of Constance (Diane Lane), before claiming he’s going “to take a shower” and diving into the ocean. As you do.

We’d like to end on the note, that we like McConaughey disturbed and broody; far less ‘Chandler’ than he his normal characters.


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