It looks like the ‘boyfriend twins’ trend is back for some more bants.

Twitter user heycnyn shared a photo of him and his boyfriend in bed introducing his followers to their uncanny resemblance.

And while many praised the cuteness of the pair, others couldn’t refrain from commenting on their strikingly-similar appearance:

“The bond of brotherhood is so strong”, wrote one user.

While another commented: “I, too, find myself very attractive”.

Although personally, we think our meme was the best:

But heycnyn couldn’t see the funny side, later tweeting: “I’m honestly tired of being dragged for being in love. We’ve been through hell for being gay and now this FROM gays”

Aw, we’re sorry! We didn’t mean to offend either of you, and ARE happy you guys are happy… But c’mon, that meme is funny. Besides, you can’t compare decades of homophobia to a light Twitter roast.