Censorship continues to wreak havoc on our sexual expression, this time on queer hook-up/networking platform Scruff.

On Wednesday (23 January), users received a pop-up message when they opened the app. It read: “Profile photo guidelines are changing. To comply with platform policies, photos in underwear, jockstraps or bikini style bathing suits are no longer permitted in profile photos.”

Well, guess those photos of me in a two-piece are out the window. But we have to do what’s best for the children and the easily-offended: both of which we assume enjoy the pleasure of beaches with blindfolds on.

On the plus side, the rule only applies to profile photos, so you can still be a thot in your private snaps.

Although, Scruff’s CEO Eric Silverberg tells OUT that the ban was originally more “harsh”.

“Alongside the nearly nude photo ban, pictures of people hugging and kissing were also banned. This has now softened, with only ‘sexually suggestive’ hugging banned”.

This is really where we at, huh? Networking platforms for adults are not permitted to show underwear or dry humping. But if you’re looking for someone to blame, look to the “evolving content standards of our app store distributors”. Though Silverberg takes it on too:

“Scruff respects the concerns voiced by our community on this matter, and we encourage everyone to continue to hold us and all tech companies, accountable for the content and conduct standards we enforce.”

Although hasn’t elaborated yet on how he’ll attend to such concerns.