As we learned from Desperate Housewives, you can never truly know your neighbours… Something that was further proved when four people – including a father and his son – were arrested for running an unlicensed sex club in “middle class” Brandon, Florida.

Police were tipped off to the house – which sits behind the others on the lane – when neighbours noticed an alarming amount of cars driving up there; allegedly 15-20 a night.

“Our detectives received a complaint about this location, and they went inside, infilitrated the location and observed people having sexual encounters,” said Danny Alvarez, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

Which is apt, because the meet-up spot was named Sexual Encounters Centre.

Two men and two women were arrested for operating a bottle club without a license and operating a sexually oriented business without a license. While it isn’t made clear who the women were in the scenario, James Cutter Sr (70) and James Cutter Jr (42) are evidentially father and son. That sounds like one sticky family business.

While CBS17 doesn’t say who called the police, we think we can safely assume it was ‘neighbourhood watchdog’ Jeff Morrell who’s lived there for 14 years. Morrell’s all down for an orgy as long as it isn’t within cumshot of his home.

“Look, you want to play, I’m no prude. But I don’t know who’s in this crowd and everything, and I don’t want them in my neighborhood,” said Morrell.

“I’ve got grandbabies running around. I’ve got my kids, me and my wife. That’s not… that doesn’t belong here.”