Skins actor Nicholas Hoult has done a lot of growing up since we saw him throwing up at house parties and streaking down the street on Skins. Not only has he recently starred in Oscar-winning The Favourite, but he’s also brought a child into the world.

In a recent interview with ES magazine he discussed his decision to keep the gender of his baby secret:

“Having a baby puts you in this place where you go, oh, okay, this human is going to change a lot… It makes you value time differently, which is why I talk very quickly in interviews now, because I need to get home to them. Someone will find out soon enough and that’s fine, no big deal, but for now it’s my own precious little thing and I’m keeping it.”

Hoult’s use of “them” to describe his only child is obviously intentional. Although, as he’s stated… people will find out soon enough.

When asked if he’s in touch with feminine side, he replies: “I hope so. What does that mean? Hopefully being in touch with your feminine side makes you more understanding of what it’s like to be female. I think we could all try and have a little more empathy now and then.”