A terrifying take on your favourite fairytales landed on CBS this autumn. Tell Me A Story reimagines your favourite childhood fables as modern twisted tales of love, loss, greed, revenge and murder set in New York. Where’s the damn else?

It’s also from Kevin Williamson, the man behind Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Which along with Kim Cattrall, is enough to urge us to tune in. Add to that some male nudity, and we’re already halfway through the season.

The first season will centre around Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel.

Although Williamson has changed his viewpoint from the voyeurism of helpless and scantily-clad women to watching men squirm in positions of vulnerability. The guys also bare more flesh than any traditional horror format, even the slasher genre would allow.

In one episode, cutie Rarmian Newton is having a virtual reality wank – as you do – when he hears noises in the apartment; much like any woman showering in a 90s horror. After locking the door (duh), he’s attacked and tied to a chair.

The eye candy that Executive Producer Williamson employed alongside Newton, includes furry James Wolf, Paul Wesley and Luke Gulden (below).

Having yet to finish the entire season it’s difficult to say whether Williamson indeed exposes his male characters and their vulnerability more so than the women, but we think y’all agree it’s refreshing to watch a horror that also gives you a semi; something heterosexual men have enjoyed for years.

They’re also the ones that get naked in the hot tub first.