As a nation, it’s fair to say that we have an obsessed with dick prints in grey sweatpants. But to be fair, it’s the only thing left which remotely turns us on that hasn’t been violently censored. So it’s understandable…

22-year-old American athlete Dan Viola totally gets our need for PG thirst traps, with grey sweatpants – and a dick print, in said sweatpants – being his signature look. But when we asked if Viola’s first “impression” was intentional, he denied all claims.

“It actually isn’t,” he told C&C, “they’ve gotten a bit tight recently due to my legs getting biggers, and now I’m ordering larges,” he laughs.

BALONIE! 😉 Either way, you can track Dan’s *ahem* size on the gram.

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So I decided over the weekend that I wasn’t ready to compete at Nationals in 3 weeks. Yes I know it’s a bitch move on my part because I was talking about dishing smoke & what not, but to be quite honest I wasn’t ready and felt that I wasn’t gonna be at my best. My chest is still a weak point for me and I really didn’t want to show up on stage at 80% of my best. But hey, I’m only 22, have been training less than 3 years, and still have a lot of time to improve as a young bodybuilder. You all best believe I’ll be coming into 2019 hot. @aaronneary_ @paddymacsheil @creomuncherjayy see y’all on stage next year boys ✌? #alphalete #mondaymotivation #fitnessmotivation #naturalbodybuilding

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