Part of the reasoning – or at least rumoured reasoning – for Tumblr’s porn ban was that the company couldn’t keep a lid on a realistic celebrity fake nudes. So realistic, that Tumblr would have aggravation figuring out what was and wasn’t real, let alone manage the countless copyright claims they’d receive as a result.

When we were younger, celebrity fakes were the thing you saw on the front of the Sunday Sport that so obviously had Jennifer Love Hewitt’s head copy and pasted onto a porn star’s body by a toddler using Microsoft Paint. But we don’t have to tell you that technology has evolved since then, and we’re talking more than just photoshop; we’re talking manipulated moving image.

Obviously, some are better than others, but it will only be a matter of time before our favourite celebrities can fulfil any dirty porno fantasy with the right editing technology, in developments that continue to push the future of porn further away from reality.

One particular poster came across our eye, Milk Maker. Who’s Tumblr page will surely be removed along with the other NSFW blogs. Notable edits include Michael Fassbender topping for Sean Cody, Joe Manganiello smoking a cigar while getting head, and Will Smith as a screaming bottom.