Charities may have a reputation for begging for money, but they can be picky when they want to be too. A couple weeks back, we reported on the Australian wrestler donating a portion of his OnlyFans proceeds to charity.

Dave Marshall had planned to give money to Beyond Blue – and LGBT+ suicide prevention charity – until they rejected his donation. Apparently, suicide isn’t as important as upholding a reputation.

After the story went viral, the charity contacted him to say that they cannot accept his donation – or any which comes from ‘gambling, alcohol or pornography’. They claim that Marshall used their name to “promote” his OnlyFans channel. Well… it’s not like he isn’t paying for the promotion.

Despite their claims, Marshall was shocked: ‘To me, money is money,’ he told Gay Star News. ‘It came from the heart.’ Maybe it did, maybe it came from the heart of public relations. Who cares? Just accept the money, man.

They asked him to ensure “future consumers of your products are not given the impression their purchase is in any way supporting Beyond Blue”. After making crystal clear they didn’t want anything to do with him or his career choice, Beyond Blue then gave him the option of removing their name from all his platforms and allowing them to keep or donation, or receive a refund.

Naturally, Marshall took back his money and gave it to another charity.

“I don’t want to be quiet about what I’m doing,” said Marshall, after doubling his donation to $10,000 (AUS) to Black Dog Institute, another suicide prevention charity. “Now more than ever, I’m even more proud of the organisation for accepting me and my donations.”

It’s really quite sad that charities can’t/won’t accept donations from anybody willing to help. The cause should be far more important than where the money is sourced. I understand that it’s mostly because it’s in the contract with their big investors – but it just looks ungrateful. Like, you’re out here begging for money, but think you’re too good to accept it from someone that’s working for theirs? Bye.