Could you imagine Chris Hemsworth doing gay-4-pay? Well, yes actually now you can.

Thanks to this flick from Naughty Cubs which see two attractive white men giving tremendously brief “massages” without any oil, before jerking and sucking each other off, all on the same bed sheets, and in the same room as half a dozen other identical porn sites with different names. (Legit, if this lime mise-en-scene doesn’t look familiar, do you even masturbate?) While the gravely voiceover of an old guy on 40-a-day, seduces: “you deserve a treat after all that massage.”

It wasn’t a fucking massage. If I went to a parlour and paid for a DRY rub down, heads would roll.

The set up is basically a straight guy’s first time – but we thought Thor was the only one strong enough to lift his hammer? 😉 (j/k it doesn’t look that heavy). But the Hemsworth-look-a-like definitely portrays a glint of bi-curiosity. Especially when his partner asks if he’s ambidextrous. Watch the obvi NSFW video.

Last week we reported on a photo of Hemsworth that looks like it was part of a Bait Bus film.

We’re not gonna lie, while it requires a little suspension of disbelief, we think you’ll manage. This post was sponsored by Kleenex.

(For legal reasons we have to just say that this post was not actually sponsored by Kleenex).