Amidst the controversy surrounding comedian Kevin Hart being asked to host the Oscars – before ultimately resigning due to his previous homophobic comments – Nick Cannon attempted to outline the double standards of when women use gay slurs.

Cannon quoted a 2010 tweet from Chelsea Handler, in which she uses a gay slur:

Followed by Sarah Silverman:

And Amy Schumer:

But author and activist Greg Hogbern highlights why he’s wrong. Comparing homophobia to physical violence, Hogbern states that he can feel the “malicious intent” behind a real punch and that of a movie fight scene.

He then brought up the times that comedians have been dragged for using gay people as a punchline (Handler calling Jeff Sessions a bottom, Kimmel asking Sean Hannity who’s on top when he has sex with Trump, Bette Midler’s Trump/Putin blowjob tweet), before outlining the fact that we take these jokes as jokes when they are from allies.
















Hogbern concluded his thread by reaffirming the fact Hart didn’t use gay people as a punch line, he used violence against his son as a punchline for hating gay people. In fact, if he’d have just used the word fag like these women, we probably would have let it go…

Another angle that was repeatedly brought up, was that none of these women have been asked to host the Oscars.

But also, if Hart had really seen the errors of his ways, he’d have had no problem apologizing – even if he’d done it before – when requested by the academy. But people refuse to apologise when they don’t believe they’ve done anything wrong.

Another Tweeted: “If you’re gonna do this, then its one rule for all…”

Yeah, the only this is – aside from the fact that we decide when we are offended – is that these women would have apologised when the Oscars encouraged them to.