You don’t need us to tell you that we’ll spare a minute or two of our lunch break to appreciate a naked thot. But it always just means so much when they’re a good person too, you know.

Dave Marshall, a 29-year-old gay wrestler from Perth, Australia, has decided to give portions of his dollar from OnlyFans to a charity for LGBT+ suicide prevention.

6’3″ Marshall claims he’s never experienced any homophobia in wrestling (although his sexuality isn’t part of his character) forSouthern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance, and that his family were all very supportive of his coming out. But the subject of suicide touches home for Marshall whose father killed himself.

Marshall doesn’t go into much detail about how he made the leap from wrestling to amateur porn, other than a recommendation from a now ex-boyfriend, but says:

“After some thought, I did start it up with part [of the] proceeds going to Beyond Blue – a suicide prevention charity.”

“The reason the money goes towards Beyond Blue is seeing everyday how big depression and anxiety has become in society and almost overlooked.

[It’s my] first time saying this but my father took his life last year.’

Marshall then added: “Older men have a ‘Harden the fuck up’ mentality they were brought up with.

Stats on LGBT in this area are quite scary too so I hope I can in some way, give back to my community. Positivity is everything.”

Marshall has already donated over $3600 and continues to do so. A thot with a heart, for sure!