As reboot culture continues, Ugly Betty could well be the next one to head back into production.

Michael Urie – who played Marc St. James – has said that the cast would love to return for more shows. He told Vulture: “We all would. We loved each other so much and we loved it so much.”

“We would absolutely do a revival and if you’re listening, ABC, please make it happen. You can make one of the characters a Trump support if [you] have to.

“We’re in touch all the time. [There] was just a text chain yesterday with America [Ferrera] and everybody, with this baby dressed up like Ugly Betty in the Guadalajara poncho.”

Well with the cast onboard and surely fans onboard too, it’s all down to the network. Or Netflix.

We would GAG to have Vanessa Williams back on our screens in a regular slot (who also said she was down to reboot). We also lived for Amanda’s quips, ALL the fashion, and Betty’s gay brother Justin.