Welcome to The Brunch Tip: Where we advise you on where to eat, gossip and get gattered at in London. 

The world’s biggest girl group of the 90s (arguably, ever) the Spice Girls announced they’d be reforming for a reunion tour next year; so to get us in the mood – and give those who missed out on tickets a chance to reminisce and sing-a-long in drunken nostalgia – The 90s Brunch brought a special-themed edition.

At London’s Tropicana Beach club, which has been given a winter makeover, guests are invited into an underground wonderland and sip (read: guzzle) free cocktails for the first hour. We recommend the Tequila Sunrise, because there’s not such thing as Too Much booze at brunch.

And you don’t have to Stop after the first hour either: get the prosecco in and enjoy the grub where Two (courses) Become Three and you’ll chow down on chicken wings, healthy snacks and hummus, and churros.

Guests dived into the swimming pool dance floor (not literally, nothing worse than a drunken dickhead who spoils brunch), while a Spice Girls tribute slammed their bodies down, wound them all around and zig-ah-zig-ah’d through all the lovable hits.

Wanna go? Just Holler! Well, actually, no just follow their schedule here.