While we usually relish in a political scandal, especially if involves Grindr – this one, not so much.

An openly-gay councilman of Texas was recalled after his Grindr sexts were uncovered earlier this year. 19-year-old Cross Coburn served only half of his two-year term due to a package that arrived that Groves City Hall nine months ago.

The package contained naked selfies and Grindr sexts. Coburn was called into a meeting, presented with the evidence, and then given two options: resign, or relent to an unspecified investigation – both of which he refused.

He was effectively set-up to have his career ruined, which began to take place when the local Texas news ran with the story and the conservatives of the state questioned his morals. You know, because they’d never send a nude, much less take a dick up their ass – which is also directly linked to why they’re all miserable.

After 900 signatures ignited the recall and 62% of all voters voted against him, Coburn spoke out defiantly against the attack:

“I regret that it got out, but I will never regret being human. I do not believe that me having consensual conversations with another adult has any merit to how I can perform my duties.”

Especially if your duty is to serve and service.

But Coburn isn’t letting it lie, filing a complaint to the District Court of Jefferson County. BUT the plot thickens…

In his complaint, Coburn alleges some of the recall petition signatures were forged, that Mayor Brad Bailey and Councilman Kyle Hollier helped arrange the recall campaign, and that he was initially blackmailed on Grindr.

Would. Not. Be. Surprised.