Hoping not to overindulge this Thanksgiving? Well, we’ve found an appetite suppressant.

Just weeks after we reported about gay porn ruining itself completely, as we recoiled watching a man do himself with a chair leg, (we’re not good at reading IKEA instructions either, but we don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to go…), we’re faced with an untraditional stuffing in the latest feature from Men.com.

Has your Thanksgiving dinner ever look so good you just wanted to fuck it? No? Well, porn star Theo Ross’ has. Slipping it into the turkey, the pie, and some dry-ASS macaroni. Seriously, how much are these porn stars paid to penetrate a three-course meal?

Naturally, he does it in front of the entire family. That’s one way for a gay to steal the limelight. Watch the NSFW link (after your dinner) here.

One commenter wrote: ‘I think it is high time Men force their writers to personally introduce their scenes. I need to know what this level of stupid looks like.’

“The sexy factor is nowhere to be found here,” wrote another.

Others called it “fucking stupid” and “gross”.

Well, we’re guessing it got the headlines and hits they wanted, but at what cost? This is no ‘Right in front of my salad?’ for sure. Is it time to stop blurring the lines between comedy and porn?