There’s a number of reasons we’re attracted to tall men – perceived masculinity and strength aside – the fact they are less insecure, less jealous and reportedly happier also makes them more attractive. But also:

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So we’ve gathered up some of Hollywood’s gorgey giants – you won’t find anyone less than 6″ in this post. It’s also interesting because we’re used to seeing these men onscreen, some you know are tall (The Rock), and others you may not have expected as much (Ben Affleck).

Ben Affleck (6’2″) 

Affleck is an advocate for nudity in film, having bared ALL in Gone Girl, and his beefy butt in a string of other films. Keep up the good work, Batman.

And as previously mentioned, we wouldn’t have realised that Affleck was as tall as he is, and he’s quite hench too. Even Superman was shook:

Joe Manganiello (6’4″)

Manganiello has it. It, you know that look that just drives women and men crazy; he possesses the traits of a Greek God: rugged beard, chiseled from head to toe, and towers over most of the people he encounters. You probably couldn’t even look into his eyes while giving him head without getting vertigo…

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Dwayne Johnson (6’3″) 

Sources on Dwayne Johnson’s height across the internet are whack, ranging from 6’2″ – 6’7″. There’s legit forums about this shit and everything. Though he has confessed to wearing shoe lifts while wrestling, which explains why his billed height is at 6’6″. Internet users have compared him to other wrestlers and Vince Vaughn and settled on around 6’3″… either way, he’s bloody tall.

Idris Elba (6’2″)

Once describing himself as a “ballsy 6’2″ black guy”, the potential next Mr. Bond doesn’t need any hi-tech gadgets to reach the highest shelf in the supermarket. He’s also got an ass that won’t quit.

Alexander Skarsgard

Speaking of his height, the 6’4″ Swede said: “I’m tall in Sweden, but I’m huge in Hollywood.” You can be huge wherever you want to be, you sexy Swedish beanstalk. He’s also got no problem baring all for his roles: “I’m from Sweden, we don’t wear clothes in Sweden.” Ooh, maybe it’s time to consider a relocation.

Jason Momoa (6’4″)

Tall and broad, it’s safe to say that if we were ever crushed by a vending machine, we’d close our eyes and use our last moments to visualise Jason Momoa… You can always rely on Aquaman to get you wet.

Jason Segal (6’4″)

At 6’4″, Segel is often far taller than his co-stars, and being so tall, people often wonder – or expect – other aspects to be in proportion. And after those full frontal scenes in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, he’s the one we won’t be forgetting…

Armie Hammer (6’5″)

Having recently bagged his big break in gay age-gap love story Fuck Me Like A Peach Call Me By Your Name, Armie Hammer has amassed a loyal twink following – and we’re sure his towering height helps.

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