Turns out it’s not just Norway who have their regional studs stripping off on their version of Ex On The Beach, (which is actually kind of an international phenomenon with 13 adaptations across the world – dang!).

Get a glimpse of what’s going down on Ex On The Beach: Denmark with these sexy stripping and shower snaps. Obviously, we haven’t been watching the show, so the white patch between this hunk’s firm buttcheeks is still a mystery…

…Perhaps it was a fake tan fail, and so he’s gone to wash it off. Naturally, Morten showers with the door open… our flatmate does that too, but he’s 400lbs and hairier than Wolverine.

He then gets fist-bumped by another toned stud, who is probably congratulating him on also having abs. While the two greasy band geeks beg to be included. (Kind of a mismatched cast, but hey, perhaps that’s Danish diversity).