A former patient of a rehab facility in Palm Desert is suing the organisation, claiming that an employee took advantage of the situation and coerced him into receiving oral sex.

Robert told FOX 11 that he sought treatment at Sovereign Health Group for his heroin addiction, “I felt like I was dying.”

Robert was housed in an apartment complex that was overseen by a house manager, Adam Salcido, who controlled in-out access to the building. Robert then alleges that Salcido bribed him into sex after seeing his state of withdrawal.

“He proposed to me that if I would allow him to perform sexual acts and favors on me, that he would give me free drugs,” Robert said. “I was in severe withdrawals at the time, and I was hurting pretty bad.”

A blowjob and blows?! No wonder he caved.

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An email provided by Robert appears to show Salcido advances: “Here’s my number, if you let me suck your dick, I’ll buy you heroin! Don’t tell anyone, cause I got suspended for asking the same question once already.”

The fact that this man was allowed to continue to work with recovering addicts after previously propositioning one already is pretty bad as it goes.

“There was one point where he had me trapped in the pantry in the kitchen, throwing himself at me, waving the money in my face, I made him give me half of the money before the oral sex,” Robert said. “He saw a man in pain, imagine having the flu and the doctor waving the antidote or the medicine right in your face, you’re gonna do anything you can to get yourself better.”

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Robert then alleges Salcido allowed him to leave the vicinity and buy drugs from a homeless person in a park. He claims after the incident he relapsed and left the vicinity against advice.

“I am confident that Mr. Salcido had no certification or qualifications beyond the fact that he knew somebody at Sovereign Health, and he had a heartbeat,” said the prosecutor.

Robert said Salcido’s actions caused him to relapse back into drugs, he lost contact with his family, his life spiraled out of control again, and he says the trauma will stay with him for the rest of his life.

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“He saw me hurting in my worst state, and he completely took advantage of the situation,” he said. “It makes me feel like less of a man every time I think about it.”

Obviously, it’s not the gay experience that makes him feel like less of a man, it’s his toxic masculinity. But given the circumstances, we’ll let it slide.

Salcido seemed smug and called Robert “a lying drug addict” in the footage FOX11 got when they tracked him down at home depot with his lover, despite Robert’s suing the organisation and Mr. Salcido for unlawful oral copulation and sexual battery, amongst other things. Trial continues.