Over 70 rugby players across the UK have ditched their kit in the name of body positivity and cancer awareness.

After their successful debut calendar last year, the Naked Rugby Players collective put their bods on display, this time with a Renaissance theme. Although we don’t remember anyone flopping their balls on the table in Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Although to be fair, if Renaissance art featured furry ruggers hitting the showers, we’d probably be connoisseur of it all by now.

Six teams encouraged lads to get check their balls regularly in their partnership with Balls To Cancer.

Photographer Monty McKinnen said: “As with the first calendar our brief has always been the same, take the individuals as we find them. We didn’t want models, we wanted characters and, showing these characters in this artistic light, shows the beauty in us all. That which is in the eye of the beholder, sounds corny, yes, but it’s a fact!”

80,000 men die from testicular cancer every year, so please get in touch with your balls, boys! Shop the calendar here.