On Monday night the city council of West Hollywood voted to remove Donald Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame. The president’s bought-place on the walk has been vandalised a number of times, (costing the city money to replace each time), but it was Trump’s “disturbing instances” that swang the unanimous vote.

His treatment of women, his anti-immigration policies, his denial of climate change, his defunding of HIV/AIDS programs, and his treatment of trans people, were all taken into account.

“At this evening’s regular City Council meeting, the City of West Hollywood’s City Council voted unanimously to approve a Resolution on the Consent Calendar, which urges the Los Angeles City Council and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove President Donald J Trump’s star from The Hollywood Walk of Fame,” the City of West Hollywood said in a statement.

WeHo’s council’s decision will now be referred to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for a final resolution. If they side with WeHo’s council, it’ll be the first time a star has ever been removed from the Walk of Fame.