If it’s not PETA’s nomination for Ireland’s hottest vegan showing off his meat, it’s an international Mr. Gay. And we ain’t mad ’bout it…

In fact, we’d consider it one more reason to give them the title. Wouldn’t quite work out the same for Miss. World though would it?

Queensland native Max Small was crowned Mr. Gay New Zealand last year, and at the time said: “The thing that excites me the most about being in this competition is that you get the chance to meet so many people who are all so positive about the gay community and getting equal rights for couples.”

Obviously equal rights would be better, but nudes are good for now. Small – who isn’t exactly that in the trouser department – recorded himself naked in the mirror and the video is now going viral, with over 50,000 reblogs on Tumblr.

There’s also a series of x-rated photos going around too.

“I think that every single contestant looks good in their own way and also has their own advantage to what they would do if they won,” the 6’1″ model and actor went on.

“I want to make it easier for anyone to come out to loved ones without feeling the need to hide in the closet anymore,” awww – sweet and buff. See the NSFW video here.