Troye Sivan has achieved a hell of a lot for someone of his age, and he spoke about that recently with online publication Them. In the interview Sivan was asked about ‘bottom status’ as such…

“As everyone’s saying, “Troye is a queer icon. He’s a twink icon. He’s a bottom icon” — is that something you strongly identify with personally? Are you like, “That’s me, I’m a bottom, and that’s my sexuality!” or is that reductive?” asked Davey Davis.

Troye replied: “Completely reductive. Without getting into like any sort of details whatsoever, that was a song I wrote about a particular experience. I’m not branding that as myself forever. It was definitely just writing a song.”

Sooo… that makes him a one-hit bottom? Good to hear Sivan is boxing himself as any particular preference.