The struggle of making it to the gym on a Monday is REAL. But if anyone can get us there, it’s Australian rugby player-turned-fitness guru Kayne Lawton; and you can tell from his buff physique he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Even just a browse through his Instagram, (in which he LITERALLY never wears a shirt. Like ever) gives up the get-up and go to get down the gym.

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Throwback to when I was in my best shape. Through experience I learned that you don't have to starve yourself to lose fat and sculpt the physique you want. The old saying 'abs are made in the kitchen' is pretty true. For me I like to always eat majority of my carbs around my training. At night I like to smash heaps of fibrous veggies with my lean cuts of meat. Fibre is great for your digestion system and keeps me feeling full. I am taking on new male or female clients now, so if you are keen to lose fat and/or build muscle, I can design you a plan with a complete split of macro and micro nutrients based on the answers you provide me in the questionnaire. I will supply you with my EBook (goal specific) and we can work together via email for 12 weeks to build the best you. (link in my bio) OR ??

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And since we’re perving over him, we’ve also noticed that Lawton did a bit of PG-13 underwear modelling back in the day, so we’ve included them too, naturally.