On a great, drunken night out with a colleague and some of his friends, I ended up in bed with one of his gay mates. We have been texting each other all week and plan to meet up again.

I am a divorced man of 34 and have only just realised I am bisexual. He is ten years younger than me. Should I wait to see what happens between us before I come out?

Or do I stop kidding myself and tell the world who I am? I really like this guy. I don’t want to rush things but don’t want to miss out.

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Hey Bisexual,

Good question, good question. But my question to you is: why are you falling head over stilettos for a man you’ve only met once? So you’ve exchanged a few texts and may – or may not – meet up again, and you’re trying to pull on a wedding dress while coming out of the closet at the same time… you know what happens when you try to pull shit like that? You fall over.

By all means, don’t wait to come out – your moment of self-realisation is now, and it doesn’t belong to anyone else. So unless you plan on reversing back into pussy garage if things don’t work out with this guy, go buy that Ariana album, update your Facebook status to GAY and get your 12 likes, sister.

You’ve already acknowledged that you’re ‘kidding yourself’ so I think it’s safe to say, you ain’t going back in the closet unless there’s a new Broadway show happening in Narnia.

Congrats though on realising you’re gay bisexual, sometimes it takes a dick up the ass to realise who you actually are.

Though I’m gonna be real with you, hun. “Really liking” a guy after one beer-hazed bang, is adorable… and extremely naive. You’ve just had your first taste of cock, and he’s just bagged himself a (former) heterosexual – so you’re both pretty much whipped. You need to give it some time for the glitter to settle before you start singing it from the rooftops.

What is it that you’re scared of missing out on? If he likes you back, he isn’t going anywhere. So the fact you feel this way, may speak of some abandonment issues and insecurity; get to work on those when you have a spare minute.

Though it’s refreshing that what you’re not scared of missing out on, is the entire world of male genitalia you shun by settling down with the first man you meet. Maybe it’s love after all… Invite us to the wedding, child!