Here at C&C we always have, and always will be, supportive of stamping out homophobia in sport; the fact that there is just one out pro-athlete in America demonstrates just how scared these players must feel.

Pro sports excludes singular person sports like skiing, (which Gus Kenworthy competes in) and ice skating, (Adam Rippon), but includes all US football teams, NBA, ice hockey and rugby.

Minnesota United midfielder Collin Martin is teaming up with two charities to help create his own #MeToo style movement and ignite a domino effect of sportsmen coming out.

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Working with Athlete Ally and RISE (Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality), he’ll be conversing with California uni student-athletes to end homophobia before it starts, by addressing anti-LGBTQ sentiments in the locker room and during practices – before it gets to the field.

Martin also wants to educate the coaches about sexual misconduct and what is/isn’t “appropriate behaviour with [their] players”. Part of that is providing them with alternate means of dealing with anti-slurs between players.

Speaking to Advocate, Martin said: “There are kids out there that still are questioning themselves and questioning their spot in sports just based on their sexuality.”