God is a woman, and her name is Ariana Grande.

There really is no stopping the pop diva at the moment, what with a string of hits under her belt, and her eagerly awaited Sweetener album, so what better time to release a(nother) fragrance too.

Although her most recent smell ‘Cloud’, got some queens questioning whether it’ll smell like crack dens and chill outs.

The scent comes in two types of packaging, the standard bottle-type, and a rollerball, (which is more of a quicker, cheaper, on-the-go alternative). Although it seems that perhaps goddess Grande’s PR dropped the ball on the concept…

“Either that, or there’s a gay PR cackling away somewhere,” suggests one London queen. “It looks exactly like a Tina pipe. If you’re gonna put your perfume in a tube, you probably shouldn’t put a cloud on the end.”

Looking at the bottle, he has a point. Eesh, we hope this marketing strategy doesn’t go up in smoke!