Openly gay actor Charlie Carver celebrates his birthday today, so naturally, we’re bringing all of his sexiest moments. Along with some of those of his twin brother Max, (well we wouldn’t leave him out of the threesome, so why this post?)

The pair first made an impression as the smoking hot Scavo twins on Desperate Housewives, before honing their hotness and bringing it to Teen Wolf.  Well, if you were ever going to experience twincest, these would be the ones to convince you:

Charlie then went on to come out publicly with personal story on an Instagram post. And he wasted NO time is using his new-found gay fame to his advantage, smooching on set with Colton Haynes, and jumping to a threesome with Zachary Quinto and James Franco.

Well, it’s a lot more star-studded than our hoe phase. (Carver is in the middle of the flailing limbs).

His other highlights include butt snaps on Instagram, a sexy cowboy look for a recent shoot, and one where he appears to be grabbing his twin’s package.

And here’s Max’s booty for good measure…