Parents catch teens doing all kinds of things in their room, (we don’t even want to relive that incident with a box of kleenex and a fake Mario Lopez nude), but this vlogger is going viral for the moment he caught on camera. Thankfully what he was doing was far more SFW.

Andrew Edgerton was recording a Pride make-up tutorial when his dad poked his head round into his bedroom, and his reaction is going viral. Check it out below:

Awww how cute! Andrew told BuzzFeed that it wasn’t “uncommon” for his dad to peep his head round the door while he was doing make-up, although “this time I just caught his reaction on video”.

The clip has now been watched nearly 6 million times, and Twitter are loving it!

This is sooo cute! We love their dad-son bond! Watch the full make-up tutorial here: