The Queen’s royal horse Calvary guards are often considered representatives of the monarchy…

But one goes home and slips out of his helmet and into a cock ring. In fact, he’s definitely slipped into things far dirtier than a cheap piece of rubber from Prowler.

Dan Broughton, was spotted riding the Queen’s horses, which makes a change from his other job; where he rides… um, other things. As an adult entertainer, let’s just say, the Queen isn’t the only one getting her scepter polished.

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Radar reported:

“It’s never been a secret that Broughton is gay. In fact, he’s believed to be a pal of Harry, who “has even described Dan as his ‘GBF’ — gay best friend,” a royal insider noted.”

Um, yeah ok. Was the royal insider… Dan Broughton?

Going by the name of Dirty Danny, Broughton always been open about being a member of the military, and an adult entertainer, he was also once Mr. Gay UK. Sounds like he wears a lot of hats, *smirk*.

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His English Lads profile states:

“A total charmer. It’s not just lust when you meet Daniel Broughton, you will fall a teeny bit in love. He’s from the north of England, they’re friendly up there. He’s flirtatious, completely versatile and has a bit of a thing for older guys and straight boys.”

To check out his NSFW portfolio just head here.

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[Images: Hard Brit/Twitter]