We’re rounding up the hottest television scenes of the year so far, including Simon Quarterman in Westworld, Joel Kinnaman in Altered Carbon, Jackson Davis in Vida, Darren Criss in American Crime Story: Versace, and Matt Lloyd in Here And Now 

The juicy Joel Kinnaman is a Swedish actor who shows some major skin in the Netflix series Altered Carbon.  Anyone waiting for Joel to get serious about on-screen nudity will be happy to know that producers wasted no time in enforcing the nudity in his contract, with Joel getting naked in the series’ pilot.

After that, if you’re finding it a little hard to keep track of the show’s elaborate plot, you get plenty more opportunities to just gawk at his hot bod, and amazing ass. This stud is tastiest thing to come out of Sweden since meatballs.

After high school, Jackson Davis wanted to see the world so he joined the Navy; we think we’d rather be a trolly dolly, to be fair. We get to see plenty of that fit, military body in Vida... Including a straight rimming scene, (yes, heteros’ eat ass too).

British actor Simon Quarterman has made it big, since starring in hit HBO series Westworld. While a robot universe may not seem initially appealing, on the plus side, they have no attachments to clothes. Mhmm, we would do whatever this “Simon Says”, especially if it involved handcuffs and our dad’s M&S belt.  

Darren Criss is criminally sexy as the killer Andrew Cunanan in American Crime Story. We get to see Andrew’s ab-tastic torsoe as well as his tush in nearly every episode! Good thing showing some ass isn’t against the law.

The mesmerizing Matt Llyod made his onscreen debut in the short film 15 Hours Before War (2011). Matt gets stripped and sexy in the series Here and Now. We haven’t checked out the entire series yet, but if this is a glimpse, we can’t wait to get a full-blown ogle.

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