We’re sure that you don’t need us to tell you that smartphones come with the possibility of addiction. The average American checks their phone up to 74 times a day, but according to a new study it can be more than just on their lunch break and slyly in a meeting.

SureCall, mobile and cell signal booster manufacturer, investigated the phone usage of 1,137 participants, in a study The Attachment Problem: Cellphone Use In America. 

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They found that 69% used their phones while on the toilet. I mean, sure; if you’re gonna be there a while.

22% check their phones while in the shower… OK, that one is alien to us. Who is that important you need to check your phone for whilst washing?

And, most surprisingly, 10% check their gadget during sex. Nah, sorry, but either these people are having really naff sex, or they’ve got a serious problem. But also, what are they checking?! Bet at least 7% of those people are disappointed with their Grindr hook-up and are already browsing for a new one.

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Could you imagine your partner sexting someone else during sex with you? Just put my self-esteem on the fire.

But also, talk about a lack of social etiquette. You think any man was using his phone during nookie with me and getting away with his thumbs in tact? No ma’am.

And these aren’t just one-off incidents, out of the people who have used their phone during bangs, 43% had done so between 2 – 10 times in the last year alone.

18 – 34 year olds were the worst, almost twice as likely to check their phones than 35 – 51 year olds.

[H/t: Gay Pop Buzz]