Chris Evans has become known as one the biggest faces in action films, (and for that one scene with a banana on his butt), and today the super-sexy superhero turns 37.

Because we love y’all – and hey, it’s our job – we’ve catalogued a shit ton of his most mesmerizing moments; including a few snaps of Evans’ as every teenage boy’s bedroom fantasy, (see full shoot here).

He’s also proved that he’s an all-round nice guy when he sincerely reached out ‘bully’ victim Keaton Jones. He also compliments his ex, and this to say on dating “It’s going to be a long life, you need someone to grow with.”

omgjfkshf. We’ll grow with you Chris… and not just in our pants.

Let’s start with that superhero suit:
But also the casual sexiness of him in his undies:

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You’d never meet anyone this fit in your local sauna:
He’d be the sexiest neighbour you EVAH had:
He carries that package so well…
Yeah, we obvs don’t mean the carrier bag…
He’s 100% your whipped cream fantasy, (even if you’re lactose intolerant).
He’s a little bit gay when he’s drunk:

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And he’s totally bromantic even when he’s not:
And he looks like he’d make an amazing bottom:
He’s just fucking hot:
Even when he’s freezing, he’s hot:
No wonder he’s got bitches waiting on him hand-and-pecs:
We don’t even know how people get through conversations without drooling:
Seriously, we’ve never wanted to get snap-happy with a polaroid more in our life:

I mean, just look at this compilation of his biceps:
Even unbuckling his bed makes us weak at the knees:
Let’s talk about his perfect amount of chest hair:

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And the beard:
That time GQ blurred out all the good bits:

Giving us male Lara Croft realness… you can raid our tomb anytime.