There’s awful people in the world, and then there’s Carmie Sellito… a YouTube catfisher. The controversial viral star frequently posts misleading titles to gain views on the platform. But not just any old titles, for example, his more recent child pornography angle:

“One Kill = One Clothing With My 13-Year-Old Sister”, which indicates a game of ‘strip Fortnite’, and for every character he kills, his adolescent sister will drop an article of clothing. Although what the video contained was another beg-famer, who was in no way related, and not 13.

The video has since been deleted, but under the video, Carmie posted this comment:

Because monopolizing off of the concept of pedophilia is what people will do for fame and money these days. And with nearly 400k subscribers, that’s how dumb and disappointing the world actually is, *shakes head*.

Well, another ‘perk’ of having such ‘fame’ means that it’s likely we all get to see ya willy at some point. Check out the NSFW pics over at our friend’s The Late Night Blog.

After further digging, we uncovered this X-rated GIF too, (via Tumblr). And the bedding in the GIF matches that of his selfies. Now where’s the inspector emoji? *files nails*