One of the stars of The Walking Dead was spotted enjoying a little water sports with an amateur porn star over the weekend. Daniel Newman – who is openly bisexual – posted videos of himself and a male companion (see: hook-up), jet-skiing and fans were quick to spot the familiar face riding in back.

But despite being asked about ‘Tanner’ on Twitter, Newman refused to divulge any further details.

‘Lol. Whoa. I’m amazed you all know him. Love you guys but I don’t talk about my private life,’ he posted.

And y’all KNOW when they don’t wanna talk about it, that something juicy is going down. So let us fill our visual, Sean Cody style…

Daniel and Tanner are two buddies on a cabin break away from the city after breaking up with their girlfriends. But when their jet-ski breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the two are stranded on a desolate beach.

“So is jet-skiing the only water sport you’ve tried?” asks Tanner.

*Queue horrific porno music and one of them flopping their cocks out without any explanation or hesitation from the other to nosh it off*

In fact, it might look a bit like our compilation of Straight Guys Doing Gay Porn, (although neither are straight, it’d have to be produced by Sean Cody, right?)