Home of the OG gay cruising site, Hampstead Heath also has three ponds for swimming; one for men, one for women and one for both sexes. But what happens when people who look like women, but insist they’re men, take a dip in the male pond? Well, the po-po get called!

The women wore bikinis and beards before diving into the pond, as part of a protest against proposed gender laws. The Gender Recognition Act, if passed, will allow people to declare themselves as the sex that they identify with. A concept that has been met with distain from right-wingers claiming that anyone can change their gender identity to benefit from the legal rights of either sex.

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They were also concerned that men would use the opportunity to prey on women in single-sex establishments. Although, funnily enough, we don’t think changing ones gender-identity will be as simple process as changing ones phone number.

It was part of a campaign by mumsnet (ugh), that encourages women to ‘self-identify’ as men on Fridays.

But nobody was laughing or seeing their point on the Heath. No ma’am. The gays are not here for your gender identity jokes, or poundshop beard (if you’re gonna do drag sweetie, do it properly).

Not only that, but then police turned up to turf out the pussy. Girl, bye!

One of the protesters pictured with a fake beard in the protest at proposed gender laws

Amy Desir, who wore a mankini, says: ‘We are here to raise awareness. There’s a legal consultation due to come out this summer asking for the law to change to say that any man that says he is a woman can get all the legal protections that women do.’

Although all their demonstration has really done, is make light of the trans community.

What was ironic, was that most of the female protestors looked like men anyway. Perhaps their aversion to the law-change is so that they don’t legit get mistaken for men…

Campaigners say changes to the Gender Recognition Act could enable people to simply declare themselves to be a man or woman to get all the legal rights of either sex