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Users of instant-fuck app Grindr were left in utter dismay when their chances for online validation and a quick nosh were blighted when the app went down yesterday (22nd May).

Naturally chaos ensued, with members of the gay community being forced onto the streets of Manhattan to fulfill their raging sexual appetite. The air was heavy, and the smell of throbbing flesh and poppers hung in a haze over Hell’s Kitchen.

As the sun set over a once-barren wasteland, Grindr zombies gradually began lumbering out of their digital graves and into the city; soulless, cannibalistic and cumthirsty.

While some of their social skills seemed to have decayed altogether, stumbling into lampposts and pulling their bum cheeks open; others – convinced the end was nigh – wound up in a cock-chomping, blood-spattering, orgies across the city.

Thankfully technicians were able to get the app up and running again later that evening, meaning that most of the Grindr zombies could retreat back to their bedroom alone or the corner of a party to incessantly scroll in peace.

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