This week is Mental Health Awareness week, aimed at breaking down stigma and informing people just how common mental health issues are. Not only do so many of us have trouble dealing with trauma that we experienced when we were too young to know how, but we have the stress and anxiety of modern living to battle on top of that.

A huge part of the problem here is a lack of education. It’d be rare for someone to know how to cope healthily without being taught first. So while schools aren’t to blame, I do believe they could be doing more/updating their practices;  we leave school learning the entire periodic table but not how to remove toxic behaviour from our lives, or to truly love ourselves.

In this video I explained one model of how we can get stuck in a rut of unhealthy coping mechanisms and attached a petition to have ‘coping mechanisms’ such as meditation, mindfulness, gratitude and self-love practices, and options counseling available in schools, so that we can enter the real world more equipped.. The petition needs 10,000 signatures to be discussed by government, and I’ll really appreciate your help getting there!

Sign the petition here

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