With a World Tour and string of dates approaching this summer, it’s a fans nightmare that their fave might have a bun in the oven. Please see: Cardi B shattering dreams earlier this week.

But Cardi might not be the only one crushing hearts and cancelling concerts, as a gossip site has hinted that Britney could be in the same boat.

Apparently she is about three months along, (making her seven months over Brighton Pride… Yikes!) and “will be lucky to keep her secret under wraps for much longer”, teases Blind Gossip, potentially nodding to her hit Lucky.

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The whispers mention touring dates over summer, and the fact that she has a “steady partner”. Fuck, this third baby gonna be pretty af if she having them with Sam Asghari. As well as a baby belly being difficult to hide in her skimpy stage outfits.

The final clue being: “Just don’t ask her questions about it right now… or she might get mad enough to smack you over the head with an umbrella!”

While some fans guessed it was Rihanna (Umbrella), most of the clues seem to suggest it’s our Brit. But despite the rumours, Godney took to Instagram just a few days ago to show off her new exercise regime. She didn’t look pregnant, but also captioned the video:

“Switching up my workout routine in the gym as I get ready for the #PieceOfMe Tour!!”

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