BuzzFeed have released a PSA that warns people about believing everything they read in the age of modern media.

In the video Obama uses examples of things he would never say, *wink* such as “President Trump is a complete and utter dipshit,” before filmmaker Jordan Peele uses ready-made hi-tech software to demonstrate how these words can literally be put into the mouths of other people.

BuzzFeed’s CEO Jonah Peretti states: “We’ve covered counterfeit news websites that say the Pope endorsed Trump that look kinda like real news, but because it’s text people have started to become more wary.

And now we’re starting to see tech that allows people to put words into the mouths of public figures that look like they must be real because it’s video and video doesn’t lie!”

DAMN. That is some Black Mirror shit going on.

Obama signs out the announcement, with “Stay woke, bitches.”