It’s often considered in modern society that lighter anuses are more attractive. So with our image-conscious culture paying more aesthetic attention to every inch – and crevice – of their bodies, we delved into the fad of anal bleaching.

Speaking to asspert and surgeon Dr. Evan Goldstein, of Bespoke Surgical, the leading cosmetic and health surgery for gay men and their bottoms.

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What is anal bleaching and what results can one expect?

Anal bleaching, when done correctly, can truly enhance one’s overall aesthetics. It involves topically applying a “blend of acids” to your surrounding skin, which lessen the melanocytes, the melanin-forming cells that give one their overall skin color. Think of it like a chemical peel for your face, except this time it’s for your asshole.

First, you’ll get fully waxed, and then an acid — typically kojic acid — is applied. The whole process takes about 20 minutes. And depending on how dark your skin is, you may need to reapply a number of times to see results.

The true art lies with the aesthetician blending one’s native hue to the desired effect. Fuck the blotchy bullshit. Get it done correctly. I see a lot of ass and when done in true form, it can look amazing.

Why are some anuses darker than others to begin with?

The main factors that can alter the color of your anus: ethnicity (obviously), genetics, friction, irritation, and age. The skin around your anus will be somewhat of a similar shade to the skin on the rest of your body. But remember: it’s where usually the sun don’t shine so lighter variations may exist. Don’t be a hater!

So if you have naturally darker skin, your asshole is naturally going to be darker, too. For the same reason, dicks are darker (or lighter) than others, the same goes for your asshole.

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Is it dangerous? Can you DIY it?

While it’s a fairly innocuous procedure, we still recommend finding a highly trained medical professional to do this for you. The last thing you want is to experience blotchiness, burning, irritation, and even scarring! Even if it is cheaper to do at home.

As for home remedies, people use all kinds of things to achieve the bleaching desired, yet the harmful and possible irritating effects of old wives tails or home remedy solutions should not be the first go to

Aside from these potential side effects, there are more serious ones: anal fissures, caused by dryness and irritation, and strictures, which make the opening smaller, thus making bowel movements and bottoming more difficult. And if the orifice isn’t clean, you run the risk of contracting a bacterial infection. Another rare side effect is total depigmentation, which will turn your asshole as white as a ghost.

What is the safest way to do it?

The safest way to do this is by visiting a specialized dermatologist or medical professional who is well-versed in anal bleaching. Stay true to our community and see someone of similar persuasion. Ask how many they have done and really make sure they can speak intelligently on the above issues and, more importantly, how to achieve the desired effects. Read the reviews and pay attention. Everyone is tapping into our community and the last thing we want is a shame-job on anyone’s asshole.

How long do results last?

Some people only need to have 1-3 treatments, but others need multiple. Typically, people go twice a year to maintain their desired skin colour, once it’s been achieved in the first place. However, some places now offer laser skin brightening, which has a much longer effect (years vs. months).

**While Dr. Goldstein doesn’t perform anal bleaching at his clinic. His practice is the leading US company for a number of anal corrective surgeries and procedures.