Now, it’s no secret that reality stars like Brandon Myers and Connor Hunter are more than happy to blur the lines between TV, social media and porn. We clocked Myers solo shoot when he first emerged from MTV’s Ex On The Beach, but we’ve recently discovered that he starred in another adult film, and this time he wasn’t alone. (Or with a woman).

The 45-second teaser, sees Brandon and this Joel guy engage in some massaging while occasionally exchanging the odd awkward comment here and there.

“How’s that mate?”

Better than your fucking acting JOEL.

Almost like they’re two straight friends that have never met before, but are on the verge of experimenting with one another, while both fully aware there’s an old guy with a Go-Pro watching them.

After the arid rub-down, they fool around all while Myers looks like he might burst into tears. How much poppers did y’all give him?

English Lads, who are flogging the film for a whopping £40, are even charging their existing members to watch the 45 minute video! Sorry but for a quid a minute, somebody better be getting fucked. And if you’re coughing up for it, then it’s you.

Whoever made this film is a RINSER. Watch the teaser on The Late Night Blog’s Twitter.