As part of the Winter Olympics, Cosmopolitan has done an angel thing and encouraged us all to learn more about sport. Just kidding, but they have provided us with this 3-minute viral which sees some of the 2018 games’ sexiest competitors strip off while reading olympic chat-up lines.

Although to be fair, a simple sultry stare while undressing is usually enough of a pick-up for us.

We’re guessing the chat-up lines were improv’d, seen as some are repeated a few times, (“UM, can we get a copywriter to the studio, stat?!”)

The video stars skiier Gus Kennworthy (who “literally can’t”), Chris Mazdzer and Travis Ganong. While their contributions range from awkward to more awkward; but it’s a cute concept with cute guys.

We recommend watching on mute, with your choice of fuck-track on instead.