Last year the tabloids released a story saying that Tom Daley has not only been caught cock-handed, but flashing the goods to a man that wasn’t his husband.

Although this seemed to be no revelation to Dustin, who assured everyone that they’re relationship was totally fine. (PHEW! Whatever would we have done?)

Images that were previously released showed the Olympic diver in bed grabbing his bulge. Raunchy, eh? But as nothing further came out of the story, and seal-tight secrets in the media are rarer than blood diamonds, it was questioned whether it was all a PR-stunt.

Although, right here and now on this day, it seems that perhaps it was not a headlining-grabbing scheme, as pics have popped up on Tumblr showing Daley with his Olympic ring in the air.

Not exactly explicit… and it’s a hot pic. We say own it!