If you were just starting to get used to Will & Grace being back on our screens, you’ll probably be a bit facked off to know that it won’t be returning to our screens (in it’s weekly time slot), until the new year. January 5th to be exact.

We think it’s the annual writer’s strike (?) Ugh. Yeah that shit gets us every year, after waiting for a whole season, and then we have to go cold turkey for a couple months again.

BUT, the gang are back next week, Dec 5th, for a Christmas Special. And they really weren’t holding back in making it a stand-out episode. In style, a la Family Guy, the gang are transported back in time, to Manhattan 1912.

But they’ll also adopt new characters! Will and Grace will be Billem Van Williams and Fanny Van Williams, a married couple. While Karen becomes Karolyn O’Malley, a poor woman living in a tenement, while Jack plays John Patrick McGee, a sailor.

We can’t vouch for the accents just of yet, but it looks like we’ll still be cackling away like