Thought the ugliest thing about Christmas was the manifestations of our selfish selves opening our shit presents and feeling ungrateful? Or a pitch-deaf Mariah forcing out ‘All I Want’ at Rockefeller Centre in 2014? Well, we’ve found something uglier than all of that…

Christmas Rompers are here to steal the limelight from that Bridget Jones jumper you wear on casual Friday with the other office plebs. (Well, as ugly jumper is more comfortable than a shirt or blouse).

With these subtle designs, you can be dressed like Santa; if he was born on the outskirts of Birmingham… and a raging homo, obviously.

Or, if you’re Jewish and would like to royally fuck off your entire family; celebrate Hanukka with an ‘It’s LIT’ menorah romper.

Alternatively, the elf romper is great if you’re trying to look like Santa’s Little Rent Boy.

Grab yours here.

[H/t: Instinct]