An anti-gay conservative group MassResistance, held a conference Teens4Truth last week. Although the real truth of the event was that a grown man sashaying around with giant rainbow butterfly wings was the gayest thing we’ve seen since Gaga was on Drag Race.

The bigotted (and totally gay) event took place in Texas last weekend.

It’s almost unreal watching the clip, we couldn’t help but wonder if this guy had infiltrated the group just to make a show of them.

From HuffPoMassResistance is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and boasts itself as “the leading pro-family grassroots activist group in Massachusetts” ― though the organization has recently expanded to other states. The group is notorious for extremist views on LGBTQ rights.

Umm, yeah, well we’re not sure employing a prancing fairy is the best way to discourage sodomy.