In this week SNAPS, we’re ogling the dream gym duo, former star of Magic Mike and some real life strippers getting their kit off.

Magic Mike’s Alex Pettyfer makes an ass out of himself in the desert

Nyle DiMarco unleashes the pyhton between his legs for Attitude’s November issue:

DiMarco also teams up with Pietro Boselli for a training session. Could you imagine walking into those two in your gym showers, that’s a recipe for fainting.

Chris Hemsworth showers off our dirty thoughts:

Dreamboys and reality stars Rogan O’Connor and Joss Mooney flash their butts on Snapchat. Eagled-eyed fans spotted Rogan’s junk peering out from Joss’ elbow – but was it just his hand covering his modesty? Hmm, not sure. See the jerk-vid here, just in case. And it’s not the first time the pair have been naked together either…