James Van Der Beek may have been a heartthrob once upon a time in the 90s, when we were all hooked on Dawson’s Creek, hoping he’d climb through our window one night. But after his recent appearance on the Late Show, it seems he hasn’t lost his sex appeal…

The 40 year-old took to his Instagram to pose for a snap and praise the show: “The Late Late Show is always such a fun hang” — oh, but it weren’t that ‘hang’ which got his followers fingering themselves like banjos, for.

His comments section, naturally was bombarded with eggplant emojis, while others praised the pic: “YAAAS serving dilf realness and big bulge”

Although other’s were skeptical with a few of the commenters asking “what’s in your pocket?”

@latelateshow is always such a fun hang, I brought the whole crew this time. Tonight w/ @jimgaffigan @liampayne

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